How we can help you and your beloved pets

  • Preventative care

  • Vaccinations and deworming

  • Medical examinations

  • Surgical suite

  • Nutrition and Merchandise

  • Dental care

  • Digital X-rays and ultrasound

  • In-house laboratory

  • Basic grooming

  • Accommodation and hospitalisation

  • Transport of pets and food deliveries

  • Geriatric care

Preventative care

One of the mainstays of modern veterinary care is preventative care.  Your animals overall wellbeing and longevity can be vastly improved by a well-managed preventative care program.

  • Annual health examinations
  • Vaccinations and deworming
  • Tick and flea control
  • Geriatric screening
  • Weight management

Medical work-ups

We have a well-equipped in house laboratory, digital x-rays and ultrasound equipment which allows us to perform thorough medical work-ups. When cases require, we happily refer to a network of relevant specialists.

Surgery and anaesthesia

We perform most general surgical procedures and all anaesthetics are carefully monitored by a vet using advanced monitoring techniques including capnography, oscillometric blood pressure monitoring, pulse oximetry, ECG and temperature monitoring. We advise preanaesthetic testing in geriatric and other high risk patients.

Dental care

One of the most neglected areas of veterinary patient care is dental care. In order to address this we have invested in dental equipment similar to what human dentists use. During your pets annual check-up their dental health will be evaluated and we can advise you as to what they require.

Diagnostic imaging

We have a high frequency x-ray machine and a digital x-ray processor which allows us to take high quality images. We also have an ultrasound machine to aid in diagnostics. All the vets in the clinic have attended post graduate courses in diagnostic imaging.


We have a dedicated animal ambulance to collect your pet when needed and we can deliver food or merchandise if needed.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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